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Recently we went on-location to Pomona Capital, an investment company located in midtown east with an astonishing view of the East River from 46 floors up. The staff and employees were exceptionally pleasant to work with. Although we only shot two employees that day, it would have been just as quick and painless to shoot 50 with the preparedness had by the folks at Pomona. Often, businesses will come to us because they need headshots for new employees. The problem they encounter is finding someone who can match the camerawork/lighting/etc. of photos previously taken by different photographers. Well, were here to make it happen…and quick.

As I mentioned in preceding posts, clients are welcome to provide their own custom background to be used in post-production. Pomona chose to go this route in order to keep the photos consistent with the company brand. Another photographer shot the background they provided. Because it was a background that could not be purchased at a photography store, we shot on a plain white background to make the editing process extremely simple. The shooting itself was just as quick and easy for both parties. We were offered a small conference room to setup; though it was a little tighter than normal, it was the perfect amount of space for our gear. Each employee was in-and-out in less than five minutes, and we packed up after 30 minutes. They received the photos that day, responded with their selections, and received the retouches in less than 24 hours.

Needless to say, they were very happy with the results, and we look forward to working with them again!