Citizen Relations | Casual Headshots Above Lexington Avenue

Our friends at Citizen Relations needed headshots for some new-hires and were looking for a more casual feel while still retaining a professional look.

The normalcy of solid color backdrops in the corporate world is something they were hoping to steer clear from. Having a relaxed feel for your headshot is a great idea. Appearing down to earth and providing a sense of personality in your photo will give you the step-up that may be needed to draw a client in. We decided to go with an environmental background and a casual pose. Since the office was perched high above Lexington Avenue, we were able to use a corner conference room to capture a more interesting background looking down a busy street with tall buildings providing a great sense of perspective.

We had each employee hold a few different poses so there were more photos to choose from in the end. Leaning each person against a pillar gave us a more off-the-cuff feel and ultimately relaxed the nervousness of getting pictures taken. The final results were just what Citizen Relations was looking for. Take a peek at these final shots and rustle up some creativity for you next headshot.

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